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Everything you need to know about the Ranil in the Footwear.

Ranil is a material derived from PVC to which a type of micro pearl is added with great expansive properties, which causes its original weight to decrease considerably, but without losing its adhesion properties.

·Characteristics of the Ranil.

· Its final appearance is very similar to that of polyurethane.
· Among its great benefits is its low cost.
· It has great ability to be recycled.
· For these cases a mixture of 70% virgin material and 30% recycled should be used; with special care not to include any metal residue in the process.
· Moulded soles of this material can be achieved whenever special nozzle extruder machines are used.
· For its appearance it is very used in casual or children’s footwear.
· It is not recommended in work type footwear that is subjected to great impact.

·Ranil for the soles.

Thanks to its great resemblance to PVC this is a material especially used in the construction of soles, with better benefits, as it is usually more porous and flexible, two great features when talking about this part of the footwear.


For its construction the machine needs a turbo to inject it, in addition to a higher cooling time to ensure higher quality, as a simple formula we can establish that >cooling time > sole quality.

Pegamento a base de Poliuretano

"The Ranil is a material very similar to PVC, with better properties in terms of weight and flexibility"

Jorge Martínez.



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Steps to Glue a Ranil Sole.

1.   Clean the sole of any dust, moisture or oil produced by the release agents that may affect the bonding, using a scrubber or acetones, which will remove any particles of dirt that is stuck on the sole.


Another product also used within this initial step is the First in cases where it is required to change the polarity of the sole, giving the possibility to use polyurethane glues for PVC or Ranil materials, which would be impossible without the action of this chemical; or generate greater porosity in the sole to obtain a stronger grip that can double its strength even to double.


As a tool for this cleaning you can use brushes or tows, the most common in this industry is the use of tows, since it is advisable to change it every 2 pairs of shoes, so its low cost does not increase workflows or production costs. 

2.   Once the clean sole is left to dry for an average period of time of between 20-25 minutes to apply the glue, which should also be allowed to dry for the same period of time, 20-25 minutes. 

3.   Put the two parts of the footwear together, put them in the oven at a temperature of 60 °C for 3 minutes, so that the glue activates all its properties and the quality is even higher. 

4.   Finally, the part is placed in a pneumatic press and left to cool for approximately 48 hours to remove the last, leaving the footwear perfectly ready.


It should be noted that each glue supplier has different technical specifications regarding their product, so it is best that they indicate drying times and temperature levels for each glue. 


How to recognize the Ranil.

One of the tests that are carried out to recognize a material, is to apply fire on this and according to the properties obtained the composition of the substrate will be known. In the case of the ranil the following is stated:

Smoke color when burning: black.

Smoke odor: Spicy, similar to hydrochloric acid.

La Flama Color: Greenish blue at the base of the flame.

Type of Flame: Does not drip, self-extinguishing.

Special thanks to Rufo Jeronimo de Calzado Brendis  ( for his valuable contribution of information in the construction of this article. 

Primer necesario para pegamento de poliuretano en superficies de Ranil o PVC

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