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Polyurethane, the much requested material for footwear.

If you belong to the world of footwear it is very safe that you have heard about polyurethane, a kind of versatile material that has reached great popularity industrially, especially in footwear.


Synthetic polymer, that is, plastic. With variety of presentations and wide use within the footwear industry, especially for sports and safety footwear thanks to its strength, lightness and flexibility.


In particular, polyurethane is widely used in the construction of soles for different models, especially sports and safety thanks to the benefits it provides.

Advantages of polyurethane.

Light and durable.

It is perhaps the largest property of this material, which despite being very light resists impacts and external conditions very well.


He turns out to be quite docile without compromising his properties.


It can be built almost in any shape for different models of footwear, also allowing color treatment, printing, etc.

Technical properties.

Insulating and non-slip are two factors that are much sought after, especially in safety shoes, which offer them this noble material.

"Polyurethane is a popular material in the footwear industry"

Jorge Martínez.



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Some chemical processes are needed to achieve this, but the truth is that it can be recycled and become a new product.


It resists very well the weight and impact of the tread becoming a material that guarantees the comfort of the user.

Combined polyurethane.

Thanks to the benefits of polyurethane, various brands decide to combine it with other materials, such as rubber, for example, to combine the properties of both elements, achieving better results in different parts of footwear.

Polyurethane insoles.

Not only the soles are built of PU, we can also find on the market insoles made of this substrate with which is guaranteed even greater comfort and cushioning to the heel.

Safety footwear made of polyurethane.

Work footwear pursues specific objectives such as strength, safety and lightness; as mentioned in the benefits of PU all this can be achieved with this material, reason why it is widely used in this type of footwear that must also comply with international regulations, ISO link, being part from the sole to insoles to ensure all conditions.


It can be said that polyurethane is the perfect ally of the designer and shoe manufacturers thanks to all the possibilities it has to offer, not for nothing is a material so sought after worldwide with affordable costs that allows to maintain profit margins.

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