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Classification of Leather according to its Origin.

As tanning we understand the process by which the skins are treated to obtain as a final product the Leather.


In turn tannery is the place where this process is carried out, and then the hides are stored in the barracks.


Worldwide leather is a highly valued material, destined to the production of infinity of products among which stand out those of the Sector of Fashion and Footwear.


Within this area it is necessary to classify leather and this grouping can be achieved in two ways:

-According to their origin

-According to your Tanning and Post-tanning treatment.



Today we will detail such a classification based on its origin. 


It comes from cows and bulls, it is one of the most used to make footwear thanks to the quality it provides. It is rigid but at the same time provides flexibility and resistance to the final product in addition to excellent breathability. 


It comes from the goat, kid or talifete, the finish it gives is really fine and delicate, for them the parts based on this substrate turn out to be expensive. 


It is obtained from pork, despite being quite porous its strength and durability is really good, especially for the manufacture of sports shoes. 


It is a flexible, opaque and thin leather called badana that comes from the sheep or ram, it is not widely used, since by custom it is the meat and wool that are most used to these animals; However, its leather has begun to be used for footwear because of the high quality it provides. 

"Leather is one of the most valued materials in the Fashion and Footwear Industry"

Jorge Martínez.



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Its origin is given thanks to horses, its quality is very similar to that of bovine leather and the thickness of its skin varies between thin and wide depending on the part from where it is obtained. 

·De Pez.

Salmon, sea bass, ray, cod, tilapia are some of the species from which this type of leather is obtained, which although novel for the industry has gained fame thanks to its strength and particular scale design that is perfectly reflected in the final products. 

·De Reptiles.

They are distinctive in appearance and come from crocodile and iguana snakes. 

·Patas de Gallina.

Its appearance is similar to that of reptile leather, it does not have good resistance but in some cases it is used for small details in footwear. 


·Pieles exóticas.

It is the most exotic and requested elephant skin in this category, additionally it is ostrich, crocodiles, shark, manta ray, python and leopard. This type of skins are the most expensive although their use and marketing is prohibited in some countries of the world.


Generally speaking, this is the classification of leather if we talk about its origin, Understanding that they are used to a greater or lesser extent for the Footwear Industry according to the properties that these skins can give to the final product and also attached to the laws of each nation that vary according to continents, cultures and customs.


They are not the only ones if the most used, some others are not out of the list as are the camel leather, even toad birds.


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