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Canadian Footwear Industry. A good prospect for the future.

Canada has in recent years been one of those countries from which little is heard outside its borders, but this does not mean that they have no reason to highlight.

Far from it, this developed nation is one of the most stable in the world, with indices of human development, economy, literacy and technology that make it a dream country.

It is also so in the industrial sectors, and it is precisely thanks to financial stability accompanied by the great technological emergence that sectors such as footwear have been able to rise each year with better statistics.

In the last five years specialized machinery has been the most helpful, however hardly the culture of footwear manufacture begins to emerge, so they still do not reach high numbers in production, although it is expected to be the goal to pursue.

Canada in numbers.

·  More than $2 trillion is produced between imports and exports.

·On average a pair of sneakers cost $75 and a pair of leather shoes $94 (USD).

·160 million pairs are consumed per year.

·They rank 12th in terms of exporters.

·They produce 7 million pairs a year.

·More than 165 million pairs are imported annually.

·An average of 5 pairs of shoes are consumed per year.


Toronto, Quebec and Montreal are the three main cities where the production of footwear is concentrated in which not a single specific style or model is handled, if not on the contrary they are made sports shoes, formal and informal for all genders and times of the year.

Naturally, despite the good numbers, imports are always present, especially those from Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as some others such as Italy or Mexico.

"Technology is one of the strengths of the footwear industry in Canada"

Jorge Martínez.



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The latter with whom he has always maintained a good commercial relationship, even more so since 2019 began negotiations for Canada to import from the Aztec country at least half a million dollars, a perfect opportunity for both, understanding that Mexican footwear is durable and adapts to new trends.



Important aspects for the Canadian consumer who tends first to opt for branded footwear, but also leaves room for other ranges, provided that good designs and durability are offered, in addition to other specific features such as adaptation to climatic conditions, wide range of colours, flexibility, etc. 

From there they decide to invest 5% of their total monthly expenses in footwear, with an average salary that varies from city to city but generally oscillates between C$ 2,500 (Canadian Dollar), about $ 1,898 USD. Acquiring 5 pairs a year a very acceptable number for each Canadian, that is the perfect opportunity for wholesalers and retailers to generate income through footwear, in strategic cities such as Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, which being the most cosmopolitan lead to greater transactions, bowing to a female audience as is already customary in many countries, because as we have studied in our blog women consume 70% more footwear than men.


While it is true that footwear production in Canada is not as strong in numbers as compared to Mexico, It is important to note that in the last five years it has been on the rise and that it even has more advanced tools and machinery than in other countries at least in Latin America, so it could become a strong competitor in the coming years.


Not in vain fashion and footwear are catalogued as one of the market opportunities in Canada, according to an economic report issued in recent years.


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