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4 BTL brand activations to promote Footwear.

BTL,  Bellow The Line or Advertising Under the Line is one of the most used marketing and advertising strategies in recent times, for its great ability to interact with the public, maximizing the experience with the consumer and lasting memory.


Theoretically the basis of this type of advertising is treated in the low cost and hence its name to the Spanish “Under the line” this alludes to an imaginary line of expenses where the production of the Bellow the Line must be economical in terms of other methodologies.


However, after the success achieved in recent years, this aspect has changed and now is not necessarily a type of economic advertising, A higher sum of money can be invested but always preserving that creativity and originality are fundamental ingredients in this type of activations.


For the footwear industry big brands of world renown have invested their best efforts in advertising type BTL, obtaining incredible results from consumers.


Thus we will study below four of the most famous cases in terms of BTL brand activations aimed at promoting footwear. 

·Modern Shoe Hospital.

Modern Shoe Hospital is a Canadian brand, which since 1920 is responsible for the repair of footwear, for this opportunity decided to distribute in the streets of the city bands or band-aids as it is called in many countries, with textures of stone and cement for which they would go unnoticed for the public and with it they would tread them inadvertently, remaining attached to their shoes. Of course passersby feeling something different in their walk proceeded to lift the foot to remove them and it was when they noticed an advertising message on the back with the logo of the brand that invited them to make any arrangements for their footwear with Moder Shoe Hospital.



Undoubtedly a very attractive idea that although we do not know the analysis of results that had for the brand, if we are sure that impressed each user with this attractive activation BTL.




Tel Aviv, Israel was the protagonist city for an advertising campaign devised by the Canadian footwear brand ALDO, with a perfect interaction between the user experience and social networks.



In this opportunity in the middle of a central square, the brand invited women to take a photograph of the shoes they had on, upload it to social networks especially to Instagram, using the hashtag #ALDO and indicating in turn the size of footwear.



Later a large gift box came to his hands awakening not only the curiosity of the participant but the general public, before the expectation the box contained a pair of shoes made to measure and manufactured by the brand, Of course it is with such a situation and the joy of who received it, all the women around began to participate. The reach was incredible as it involved not only passers-by from Tel Aviv but the entire Instagram community that was also involved in a way. 

Campaña Modern Shoe Hospital- Imagen Cortesía

"BTL is an attractive and creative way to advertise"

Jorge Martínez.



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Of the most impactful real-time brand activations of recent times, the shoe company Nike decided that China was the place to develop this strategy in which a billboard featured the drawing of a naked foot, later four workers secured with harness began to weave thread by thread the footwear of model Nike that was covering the foot of the piece.



Ten days were needed for the Chinese to observe such a feat live and direct as they walked on one of the busiest streets in the country, all this to mimic the flyknit process and prove to everyone that it is a totally comfortable shoe that adapts to the shape and conditions of each foot. 


Of the most iconic strategies that have consolidated Adidas within the world of BTL we are located in 2011 Germany when they decided to create pop up stores, that is small spaces in the middle of the street for limited times, shaped like a shoe box. That’s right, externally each store was a peculiar each of Adidas shoes, when entering consumers could find the most iconic models of footwear offered by the brand.


After the success obtained, this same technique has been replicated years later in other cities of the world with the same success and receptivity on the part of consumers.


Although footwear is a necessity for human beings, it also requires advertising and planned strategies that promote brands and models that market, Worldwide is so much competition that is creativity and ingenuity something fundamental to appear or stay in the demanding footwear market and more if you are a fan of Bellow The Line. 


Campaña Nike- Imagen Cortesía

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