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Woven Capelladas. The trend that is maintained and evolves.

Among the many definitions that we find of shoe hood, it is mainly referred to the shovel or top of a shoe.

These can be constructed from a variety of materials according to the preferences of the producer and the consumer. Although for some years we find some in the market that until now have taken center stage, it is the industrial fabric hoods or Fly Knit as it has become popular thanks to the Nike brand.

Fly= fly and knit= fabric, this name is given by the characteristics that this type of footwear gives, creating an atmosphere of maximum comfort thanks to the adaptability of the shoe to the foot of the consumer, at the same time it breathes almost absolutely sweat avoiding any type of disease associated with fungi and bacteria.


It can be considered that Nike and Adidas were the pioneers in this model of footwear at least 10 years ago, when they started studies that would later indicate that the woven capelladas would be an excellent resource for new collections. From there have been hundreds of models offered to the market with great acceptance, making some from scratch and others merging their most iconic presentations with this new technology; but also being an inspiration for other brands and manufacturers.



But this discovery was not as amicable as it is believed, it was full of legal proceedings in which Nike claimed to be the owner of the invention under the name of Fly Knit, while its direct competitor Adidas refuted it by giving itself the system with the name Primeknit. All this in vain, since the court did not find a single owner for the invention and I declare it free of patent, excellent news for independent producers. 

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"Technology has given way to the creation of new materials, which are an important contribution to footwear"

Jorge Martínez.



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Advantages of Woven Capelladas.

·       The result is a lightweight shoe capable of attaching very well to the foot, while offering flexibility and breathability.


·       The footwear fits perfectly to the shape of each foot.

·       Being composed of a single layer prevents the overlapping of materials and with it frictions and/ wounds.

·       It allows an almost infinite combination of designs and colors.

·       Other construction materials such as adhesives are dispensed with.

·       Its production is usually much faster and easier.

This footwear is constructed from different types of highly resistant fibers with machineries that pose different types of seams in which are included: circular fabric, tubular and automatic linear fabric, and even 3D printers. All with the help of software that previously show an almost perfect result of the final product, which as already mentioned can present an extraordinary combination of patterns and colors that makes this model so attractive.


To the point that today the market can offer its target audience pieces that transcend sports, as they were initially created, to transfer this technology to more casual models that include shoes, moccasins and slip-on, offering in the same way its most fundamental feature: absolute comfort.


So, at this point it does not matter if it is a technology devised by Nike or Adidas, although we certainly must recognize the merit of such an invention, the truth is that it has been the step for this type of technique has traveled the world, exposing machinery, Needles, materials and trends at the most important fairs in the world, besides representing an excellent option for those producers who want to innovate with the best models of footwear with woven caps, satisfying an increasingly demanding audience.


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