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Types of finishes according to the composition of the Leather.

Recently we talked in our blog about the leather parts according to their composition and structure, where at the level of composition we found the following parts.


· Whole flower.

· Corrected flower.

· Carnaza.


Footwear is born from any of these three sections, your choice is based on the capabilities of the producer and the needs of the customer.



From these three types of leather are derived others that are born from treatments that give them specific finishes, but not all can be applied to any of the group, ie there are some ideal only for each type, which we will study below. 



Finishes for Whole Flower.


It is a type of leather tanned chrome as main feature, even when before it should have come from lamb or sheep today can even be beef. It is very soft to the touch and bright colors. 


Its finish is obtained thanks to the application of oils and waxes, which makes it very flexible and resistant, especially to water. 


The skin is subjected to a purely vegetable tanning process and the appearance results in an open pore texture that extends throughout the entire piece. 


It is one of the softest skins that can be found especially used in the manufacture of sports shoes. 


The origin of this skin should be only of the goat, its process is to apply pressure with a glass cylinder on the sheet, added to protein binders. 


It is superficially waxy in appearance, which is achieved with the inclusion of oils and waxes in its final finish. 

Cuero napa-Imagen Cortesía

"Each type of leather meets specific needs in the footwear production process"

Jorge Martínez.



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Originally it is a light-colored skin that darkens through the addition of oils that dye it in a darker tone, so you can observe the double tones especially when you bend or pressure. 


The world belongs to those who go beyond the known, inquire, ask and awaken your self-taught side. If for example this means visiting a factory or even disassembling a shoe to better understand the assembly processes, do not stop.


It is a soft white leather to the touch with a natural and thick grain that is obtained by means of the procedure with which it is treating, known as dry drumming.


Finished for Flor Corregida.


Its treatment consists of sanding or polishing the flower, which results in a very soft material to the act with a velvet-like effect. 

·Patent leather.

It is a glossy material thanks to the application of a thick layer of polyurethane, usually applied to leather of not so good quality. 



Its name is due to the false dark color that is applied above, generating a variety based on the same tone, this skin is also sanded, impregnated and pigmented. 


It is a type of thick skin between 1.8 and 2 mm that is achieved by means of a brushing of the layer that is pigmented. 

·Crazy Horse or Saddle Leather.

A hard wax is the product applied to give as an effect a vintage-looking skin, sanded and smooth with double color tone when pressed or folded. 

Cuero charol-Imagen Cortesía

Finishes for Carnations.

·Suede/ Hunting.

When removed from the innermost part the effect of this skin is soft and plush like a suede. 


It is a skin of plastic appearance thanks to the film that is adhered on the carnation as a flower, both parts are sealed by means of the pressure of a machine obtaining a single sheet of the material. 

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