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Processes in the manufacture of footwear.

In order for a pair of shoes to reach the final consumer, it goes through a series of processes from the safekeeping of materials until any detail in the ornament department is perfected.

If you do not know all these steps, we will detail them below with the functionality of each.


In this department, all the raw materials are protected, in a accounted and orderly manner, for a better control of consumption. In addition, the quality requirements of each substrate are monitored, to finally be dispatched when requested. 


We proceed to manufacture, that is to say to manufacture all the structural parts of the footwear, including the soles, these parts are heels, plants, buttresses, helmets, etc. 


As its name indicates, all the cuts that make up the footwear on its top are made. 


Scratch, pierce, fold, paint edges, foliar, among others. These are the tasks carried out in the preliminary department, preparing the pieces that come from the cut and then joining them by means of seams. 

"A successful footwear line depends on the efficiency of each and every department"

Jorge Martínez.



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By means of seams all cuts of footwear are connected with tasks such as to cover, to enchine, to close heels, etc. 




On the last the footwear is mounted to begin to give the final shape of the cut. This process varies according to the construction system managed by the factory. 


The sole is attached to the cut of the footwear, this includes the preparation of additional materials to other tasks such as: carding, cementing, pressing, activating, etc. 


This department exists only when the sole is for processing or semi processing, that is to say if the sole is pre-molded it will not be necessary to have a finishing area.



Here the sole is given a better final appearance, thanks to tasks such as deflating, painting edges, tuning, dethroning, etc. 



It is one of the departments sometimes underestimated and it is really here where the footwear is given an optimal final appearance, by means of the care of details such as washing, spray application, adhesive removal, jacking, among others.


To the naked eye it seems little, but the truth is that each department hides a numerous and arduous labor in the production of footwear. 

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