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Marketing Strategies to Promote Footwear.

Marketing has become an essential technique for any business idea, although there are some areas that require more promotion than others, always appeals to marketing to a greater or lesser extent.

The ways to do this are diverse and their selection is based on your type of business and the goal you want to achieve. Here are some marketing strategies to promote footwear.


There are several ways to exercise sponsorship, but based on the popularity and recognition of today, we will study three of them:


Events. Run on an event that is directly related to your brand’s footwear type. For example, if you produce sports shoes, you can use marketing strategies in a marathon, either with shoe gifts, coupon delivery, raffles, etc.


Influencers. Influencers are figures that have emerged in recent years thanks to social networks, these people have powerful audience, where they seek to offer your products in exchange for advertising that reaches their followers.


Athletes. Very similar to influencers, but this is carried out with a niche market more closed according to the model of footwear and specialty athlete. Nike is a precursor of this type of sponsorship, in which shoes are offered and sometimes paid in cash to an athlete of a certain sport in exchange for being the image and the spokesperson for the different channels of the brand, in addition to the exclusivity for the firm.





Sobre todo en marcas que van en ascenso al éxito se da esta estrategia que busca la cooperación entre dos marcas que no sean competencia directa y muchas veces ni siquiera están relacionadas, pero que pueden compartir un objetivo, público objetivo, espacio de ventas, etc. Por lo que deciden lanzar una campaña en conjunto que beneficie a ambas partes. 

"Marketing strategies are a perfect boost to make your brand known"

Jorge Martínez.



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This type of marketing proposes selling the product anchored to a lifestyle, idea or conviction that motivates a change. In the case of footwear a clear example of this could be the construction of footwear with recycled materials that with their production minimize the environmental impact. 

Experience/ Results.

On this occasion we refer to the experience given on the basis of the results. That is, to ask the consumer what are the benefits in the use of your footwear, greater cushioning, design based on anthropometry, flexible materials, etc.

·Design and Technology.

With technology we also refer to the one used for the design of footwear, which with the new advances rely on being created especially for X type of audience or performance. For example, our footwear has a technology that allows the basketball player a maximum cushioning in ankles and knees, at the time of each impact after the jump, thanks to a new and special material. 

·Social Marketing or Causerelated Marketing. .

It is the one that is linked to the contribution of social causes. First, the benefit is for this movement, but beyond that, the brand also achieves recognition, loyalty and subsequent sales.



Marketing can be executed in many ways, some of which you can’t even recognize with the naked eye, but the reality is that it will always be a perfect ally of your brand, It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out and what you want is recognition or if you’re on top of your success and want even more loyalty or consolidation in the market. 


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