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Types of Insoles for Footwear.

The insole is that part of the footwear that represents the separation between the entire lower structure of the shoe and the foot of the person who wears it.


As buyers we usually go unnoticed the great importance of the insole in footwear, being one of the elements that is completely isolated from the aesthetic to represent a factor of comfort and firmness in whoever uses it.


From the moment of the creation of a pair of shoes the template plays a preponderant role being the guide for the processes of cutting and assembling; later another piece can be added already thought in the direct contact you will have with the foot, but also in the beneficial properties that it must give to the consumer.


The creation of the insoles is based primarily on the type of footwear that will be produced, once defined this can think of the type of template to include, then select from which material will be made.



Being so in general we can find the following types of templates in the market:

Types of templates according to their purpose.


Usually used in cold weather situations, these insoles retain the heat of the foot, one of the parts of the body that needs to be kept at ideal temperature levels. Wool is one of the materials par excellence used in the manufacture of this type of insoles.

Padded insoles.

They are quite generic so they can be found easily in the market, as the name indicates they have padded and soft support which makes them preferred to wear in dress shoes, especially in heels for ladies.

Sports Templates.

Designed for lovers of physical activities and for whom it is necessary a special cushioning that preserves the general health, especially of ankles, knees and other sensitive points. The thickness and material of these is directly related to the type of activity and/or condition to be treated.

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"The insole is able to give greater comfort in any footwear"

Jorge Martínez.



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Orthopedic Stencil.

They are the most used worldwide, are intended to relieve ailments, tiredness and any kind of discomfort in the body that can be mitigated thanks to the use of these templates. Depending on the type of condition we can subdivide the orthopedic insoles as follows:

Insoles for flat feet.
Ideal for correcting feet with excessive heights in the arch of the foot, which results in excessive support of the heel and sole of the foot. This condition is the antonym of the flat foot; therefore the greatest support of this template will be in the arch, relieving the loads of the affected parts.

Insoles for flat foot.
For people with this feature stencils are needed that lighten the absolute load that the foot receives for the lack of the arch, adding in these parts support to the heel and soft supports in the area of the arch.

Insoles for calcaneal spur.
It is recommended in people who cushion all their weight in the heel area, this often caused by the choice of a shoe that is not designed in an ideal way in terms of weight distribution; To correct them these insoles must have an inclination in the area of the heel and the material from which it is made must grant comfortable and flexible cushioning.

Insoles for plantar fasciitis.
One of the most common problems in the foot, caused by wear or injury caused by physical activities or the use of a shoe without adequate support resulting in acute pains that extend from the sole of the foot to the heel.

These insoles should provide maximum cushioning accompanied by a heel lift that relieves body weight.

Types of templates according to their size.


They are the ones that provide more comfort, with them support is given to the entire foot, so they are the most recommended to relieve or avoid complications and are perfect to use in closed shoes.


They are used only on the part of the heel, with them offer comfort but leave the sole of the foot unprotected. It can be worn with any type of shoes.


Indicated only for the relief of bones located in the front of the foot, therefore they are the smallest of all and are also used for closed shoes.

Both generic templates and stores in charge of the personalized production of these footwear can be found on the market; the truth is that to a lesser or greater extent they contribute to improving the biometric actions of the human body and the foot.

In Mexico we can find large companies responsible for the production of these important parts, with first-class materials that strengthen the function of insoles in footwear, dedicating themselves to the specialized manufacture of one or more types, complementing the development of the footwear industry in the country.

Orthopedic insoles- Image Courtesy

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