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Classification of shoelaces for footwear.

Most of the footwear models we find on the market have laces, braids, laces, shoelaces or ribbons as they are usually called in different countries.


However they are a part of the despised footwear, believing that it is unimportant, but really for the model that deserves it represents an element of equal attention.


Once the designer proposes his sketch making inclusion of laces, these fulfill an aesthetic function first of all, because no one wants a pair of shoes with eyelets and without braids, but then it will be a supporting element by giving firmness and solidity to whoever wears the footwear, Finally as a third point, you could say that the laces according to the color and shape of the place add a touch of personality.



In this way, the market offers a wide variety of types of laces, depending on their shape, material, length and properties. We will detail each one below. 

According to His Form.


It is one of the most classic in the range of laces, we find them in a variety of colors even combined and thickness. They combine with any type of footwear. 


Their appearance confers a sporty look, so they are ideal for that type of footwear, they are also in diversity of thickness and colors. 

According to his material.


Widely used for formal footwear, also made of vegetable or artificial leather, they can be flattened or round and give a touch of elegance to the piece. 


Its use is intended for sports shoes, it is not usually a high quality lace and its presentation is flat. 

Silk laces- Image courtesy of

"Laces can bring a great aesthetic touch to your footwear"

Jorge Martínez.



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With a round appearance and fine appearance, this type of cord has a waxing thanks to the paraffin coating, which makes it resistant and ideal for formal footwear. 


Perhaps the most exclusive in the range, intended for elegant footwear. 


It is a type of round very resistant, casual looking, so it is used for shoes and sports boots. 

According to its length.

The number of eyelets that the shoe possesses, defines at first the length of the braid, however in general they are used as follows: 


For casual/ elegant footwear with between 4 and 6 eyelets. 


Designed for casual footwear with more than 6 eyelets. 


According to their properties.


They are used for special sport shoes, does not require being tied, has another system of mooring without knots which makes them more practical.


As its name indicates, they reflect the light that affects them, ideal for night use in which they provide security.


As the latest cry of fashion, especially for children and young people who want to be noticed, these laces internally possess a rechargeable LED bar or batteries that illuminate in a specific color or in its multicolored version. 


Absorbing light and reflecting it is part of the fluorescent functionality that these laces have in their different color options, they are flat-shaped ideal to smooth the attention and create fun looks. 

Leather laces- Image courtesy of


Knotless and with adjustable capacity, these laces give a modern style to most sports footwear.


Among the wide variety mentioned manufacturers in the first stay are who decide the shape, material, length and ownership of the laces with which you present your footwear, as they consider it more suitable. It is then up to the consumer to decide what to look like on their shoes through the laces.


In both cases the important thing is to take into account the styles and materials, a formal footwear should not have fabric laces, fluorescent, extremely long or of another color that is not similar to the shoe. While in a sporty footwear the imagination can be taken to flight with bold combinations, contrasting colors, diverse materials and even with original braided shapes.



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