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Shoe sizes and their variation worldwide.

Size 40 in France, 6 in England and 7 in America?


It seems curious when we are really talking about the same foot, but it is so, shoe sizes change from continent to continent or even between some countries.


In dreams, the ideal would be that the size of both shoes and clothes is standardized and the same here or there, but the reality is different and according to the point of the globe in which you find your size is different.


French point/ Paris (EU).

Used from the beginning of the nineteenth century in the time of Napoleon and extended to the present day, in Europe this is equivalent to 2/3 centimeter, which would be about 6,667 millimeters.


That is, a shoe size 42 measures 28 cm, these centimeters correspond to the measurement of the footwear, not the foot, understanding that there must be some free centimeters between the longest foot (the two feet of a person have different measurements) and the edge of the footwear.



In addition the French dot is one of the measuring systems that admits the average sizes such as for example 42.5

English numerals (UK)

Proposed by King Edward II of England, this system uses barley grain as a reference.


A grain of barley is 1/3 inch or 8.5 mm (standard current measurement) and this is equivalent to a SIZE.


The starting number starts at 22 cm what would be for a size 42 a shoe number 8 according to the English system.


These sizes are represented in the UK, for the case of women range from 1.5 to 13.5 UK and for men range from 5.5 to 21.0 UK and also by its great difference is another of the systems of measures of footwear that accepts the half sizes.


Tabla de Tallas

"Each manufacturer manages a single size system for all their productions"

Jorge Martínez.



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American numeration (US).

Based on the English system, the Americans copied that model from the times of the conquest, differing in the starting point which is advanced with respect to the French.


For US sizes the scale begins 1.116 millimeters earlier.


In other words a size 42 French and 8 English shoe would be a 9 under the American system.


Metric numbering/mondopoint.

It allows to measure in centimeters or in millimeters the length of the foot and the width in some of the cases.


30 centimeters in length indicate a size of 300, if the width of the foot is included (Example: 8 cm) would be 300/80.


It is usually used in Asia, in specific footwear such as the military and despite its low acceptance is one of the most successful.



As a footwear producer these sizing systems should not represent a headache, it should only be taken into account that according to the area where you decide to export your products these must be adapted in terms of sizes, half sizes and information of measures on their labels. Many brands are exempt from responsibilities and facilitate the task of the consumer by including comparative tables of sizes according to the size systems used worldwide.




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