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Importance of Quality Control in the Footwear Industry.

Having in your hands a quality product that lasts over time and meets your consumer expectations is very important. But how is it possible to guarantee such a fact?


First, each company must be committed to implement processes, materials and tools that ensure that the final product has the required parameters to be able to successfully reach the hands of the customer, this is the perfect theory, but as humans we know that there may be mistakes, problems or unwanted accidents that directly incur in the finished product.


That is when the quality control department becomes so necessary and important, as it is these that guarantee through specialized tests that a product, in this case a pair of shoes, are fit to be dispatched to the hands of the consumer.



In particular in those companies which are marketing of a product, such as the Footwear Industry, the need to have a quality control department,

as we know the creation of a pair of shoes is a set of processes complex, even if different systems exist of construction, thus considerably increasing the possibilities that there is some problem along the way, either by mistake of labor damage to any of the machinery or the loss of

properties in some of the compounds used.



If such supervision exists at the end of the production line, it will be easier to detect these errors by the head of quality control or any member of his team, who are obliged to apply tests that first include a visual check and then proceed with checks of strength, bend, temperature and resistance, in all these steps the product must maintain its initial properties at 100%, otherwise it will be discarded from the production line. 

"Quality control is the process where the standardization of the availability, reliability, maintainability and machinability of a product or service is ensured".

Jorge Martinez



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In turn, the quality department goes to the production sector where the error may have been generated, to present the situation and offer possible solutions. This creates a more cordial working dynamic, the same dynamic that also prevents the same problems from arising again in the near future.


Having this departmental level gives each company a more secure and professional view of the product offered to the consumer, in which it is guaranteed that once a pair of shoes reaches their hands has counted on the most rigorous quality standards that give guarantee of what is offered. A point in favor of which most likely companies can consolidate, exposing it in their advertising campaigns, social networks and other media to let your niche market know.



Unfortunately we are aware that not all shoe companies have an optimal and qualified quality department (for those who produce safety footwear is a legal requirement), reason why some productions go unnoticed in terms of their damage and if this reaches the hands of the customer is when they are disappointed, taking as an alternative to purchase an imported product (this is one of the reasons why some countries have more imports than exports) 

China and quality control.

Which is not the case with mass-produced footwear like China for example, which is exported in large quantities to almost all parts of the world, even though we know they lack a quality control review, but as shown the consumer is inclined to this offer only because of the low cost it represents.



But the truth is that if you want to get a footwear that meets quality standards and has been previously tested for it you may have to pay a little more, because this surveillance also represents an added cost for the producer, that you must get used to the idea that it is an indispensable requirement within your company. 


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