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Bonded fabric. Uses and benefits for footwear.


Among the countless materials available to produce footwear and all the parts that compose it, we find bonded fabric, a material increasingly used in this industry thanks to the advantages it offers.


Bonding, the technique by which it gets its name, is a process by which a textile/ fabric material is attached to a polyurethane foam, thanks to the use of a direct flame that forms a thermal adhesion.



At first glance it seems to be a simple process, but it is far from so, because it requires first of all specialized machinery, as well as highly trained personnel for the development of this task, achieving a material lasting in time and of very good quality. 

Use inside the footwear.

For linings, internal and external, and insoles has become the favorite material of producers, since there are many advantages that offers, such as versatility, comfort, adaptability and economy, benefits that we will detail in specific ways below:

Advantages of bonded fabric.

· The result is a fairly lightweight material, which allows to adapt almost without any problem to any shape and part of the footwear.


· Thanks to the bonding process by which this material is obtained, the adhesion between the components is very resistant, avoiding tears and breakages.

· It has a great capacity of absorption with respect to the breathability of the sweat of the foot, while it is equally capable of repelling water and/or external liquid factors.

· Its versatility allows it to be combined with other fabrics or materials, providing more attractive results and higher properties.

· By having layers of foam in its internal structure, they give it firmness so that they can avoid wrinkles, a key aspect in the construction of linings and insoles.

Tela bondeada- Imagen Cortesía

"Bonding is the process by which a textile material is attached to a polyurethane foam"

Jorge Martínez.



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Care and maintenance.

As many textiles their care does not involve greater efforts, however in the case of bonded fabrics it is important to avoid the use of solvents, solvents or removers of great impact (widely used in the manufacture of footwear), that they come into direct contact with the parts built with this material, because these could penetrate between the layers and separate the materials that compose the fabric. 

Special effects.

Currently different companies have decided to add to this substrate laminates with different materials such as polymers, synthetics or EVA, in order to enhance their qualities, and thus obtain greater strength and durability; which may slightly increase the value of the final product, but it will certainly make a difference in the quality provided and the comfort obtained by the user. 


Tela bondeada- Imagen cortesía

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