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Assembly Process. Definition and Characteristics.

Assembled or assembled is other departments within the manufacture of footwear, which in chronological order is placed after the stitching area.

Riding means pulling the cut of the shoe that can be leather, fabric, etc. On the last, adjusting so that it begins to shape the shoe. The ways of executing the assembly vary from manual techniques to those supported in the use of machinery.

Beyond the chosen method it is important that the result is optimal, without pulling too much and avoiding at all costs any deformation of the material.

Components of the Assembly Process.


It is a fundamental element in the construction of footwear, imitates the anthropometric shape of the human foot, can be made of wood, plastic or aluminum. 

For the processes of mounting on the last waxes are used applied on its entire surface so that when disassembling is easier without ruining the footwear.


Refers to all textile parts of footwear that are joined by seams, made in the stitching department and that will be mounted on the last.


It is a piece placed between the cut and the sole, this can be made of cardboard, leather or cellulose and serves as a base for the last, to later fix the cut. A plant must:

· Be flexible and durable.
· Light weight but uniform in thickness.
· Absorb the moisture.
· Support adhesive, tacks and seams.


To fix the plant to the last are used tacks, staples or thermoplastic, the latter with great acceptance , since it does not damage the last.· · 

"In the mounted department is where the shoe begins to get its final shape"

Jorge Martínez.



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Tasks of the assembler.

Like almost any department of the footwear industry, a series of laborious tasks are carried out in the assembly:


·Preparation of the plant.

·Lock on the plant.

·Moistening of the cut.

·Make up the cut.

·Mounted on tips, sides and heels.

·Aged from the skin.

·Disassembly of the last.



Are you interested in knowing in depth what each task is about within the assembly process? Then you can’t miss our next Operations article in the Riding Department.

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