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The 5 best software to design footwear.

Every shoe that has reached the hands of a final consumer has been subjected to a long and laborious process, being the design the first step of all. It is the footwear designer who begins to reflect the idea first in a sketch, until taking it to a 3D prototype that faithfully approaches the final appearance that the footwear will have.


To create this three-dimensional piece and with the presentation of all angles, the designer relies on digital programs that facilitate this work resulting in a purely professional project.


Are you interested in knowing what are the best digital programs to design footwear? Well we leave you the 5 most used ones below:

·Rhinoshoes- Rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros is the name of the digital software that has a pluggin specialized in the creation of footwear. With this tool very easy to use for connoisseurs of the area you can vector drawings, sketches and images, applying 3d curves and textures.



In turn it allows the creation of lasts, soles and insoles, providing the possibility of showing a fully finished footwear from all the necessary points of view. 


It is one of the leading programs in terms of footwear design with decades of experience that support its positioning in the market.


It is considered the perfect combination between engineering and design by allowing a simple idea or pencil sketch to be transformed into a 3D design with all the technical specifications, views, materials and accessories that make up a footwear.


As a remarkable feature we find the fact that the program allows you to see the design on any size, preventing the prototype from being distorted by changing its size.



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"Nowadays software is indispensable for shoe design"

Jorge Martínez.



Commercial agencies/ Wholesalerss   |   shoe manufacturers   |   Leather goods manufacturers   |   Shoe shop/ Retailer

·Crispm ShoeMaker- Autodesk.

Autodesk is currently one of the leading brands dedicated to 2D and 3D design software for various industrial sectors, including footwear. It is a very complete program with endless tools that provide the possibility of creating details, colors, textures, seams, etc., in addition to the support of a library with pre-created details. 


The 2D and 3d views come together in parallel in this software which is the first to offer this feature saving time and effort considerably for the operator.



With this program digitally draw on the chosen last is very simple, in the company of tools that lead to the creation of accessories and change of sizes without too much complexity. As if it were not enough the render (final image of the product) can be exported to different formats with great realism, in which it is difficult to differentiate if it is a digital drawing or a 100% real photograph. 

·Coreldraw/ Illustrator.

These two very similar programs in terms of operation, may not be the most suitable, productive and effective to design footwear, however there are those who decide to use it.


They allow to vectorize images/ sketch by means of curves of nodes or drawing directly to pulse, added colors, textures and accessories manually; the different clothes must be created manually like the 3D (of the most important in this profession). Although if it represents a great help if you want to save time and maximize productivity ultimately are not the most opportune.



Well they say that every good idea begins to be reflected in a drawing, at least in the design of footwear is totally true because a good design allows you to define all the details and correct errors to give greater opportunity to an optimal and lucrative production line. To achieve this, rely on the best software to design footwear. 


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