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Napa leather for the manufacture of footwear.

As we have studied well before leather has two types of classifications, this is done:
-According to its origin.

-According to your Tanning and Post-tanning treatment.


Hence there are so many types of leather on the market with special use in footwear, of course according to the choice of this material the result in the final product varies both in appearance and prices.


In this opportunity we will talk about one of the smoothest and most delicate leather types in the wide range, El Cuero Napa.


It is said that the origin of this leather dates back to the nineteenth century when in Napa, California- United States was first conceived the idea of tanning the entire skin from lambs and sheep, adding chrome salt and aluminum, which were deposited in huge drums where they were applied a rotating movement in long periods, which resulted in a highly resistant and attractive skin thanks to the liveliness of its colors.



At present for a leather to be considered as Napa, it is not necessary that it comes specifically from lamb and sheep, it can be any animal even beef, only has as an indispensable characteristic that in its tanning process is included chromium as a main ingredient. 


In addition to chromium other additives and chemicals are included in the process of tanning napa leather to originate a sheet of natural leather, apart from smooth with a much more durable finish to friction and tears, which makes this material so desired for the footwear industry, leather goods and other applications such as automotive upholstery. 

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"For a leather to be considered Napa, chromium must be included as the main ingredient in the tanning process"

Jorge Martínez.



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Classification of Napa Leather.

Natural or Aniline.

Its main characteristic is that it has open pores, which cannot be covered with non-organic varnishes (only with aniline). This is why it exposes marks or imperfections that become impossible to cover.


It is a type of premium leather with an economic value in the market quite high. 



For this case the observed color is fixed directly on the surface, this results in a stronger product, easy to clean but with less ability to breathe. 

Semi Pigmented.

Its color process is given by the inclusion of organic additives, to give rise to uniform leather sheets chromatically speaking. 


Although its original features are lost in the process, many prefer this leather for the fashion sector for its incredible appearance.


For this leather is applied a layer of color and polished on the flower side of the natural skin that makes note of its result.


Being the Napa Leather a type of material so valued in the different industrial sectors that require it, different producers of animals of origin worldwide, are responsible even for raising them with special care on their skin, that do not suffer from injuries or stretching when walking too long or long distances, so that when it comes to marketing them are fully optimal for the treatment of Napa Leather.



Have you seen a pair of shoes with this authentic material? They are definitely elegant pieces. 


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