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Consumption of Footwear Men vs. Women.

Consumption habits tend to be very different according to gender, men and women show totally different preferences when making your purchases.


Both ladies and gentlemen agree in the fact of wanting to transmit power and personality through footwear, of course with totally different tastes and intensities that we will detail below:


With more eccentric and varied tastes, the females show totally diversified delights in terms of forms, models and materials. Leather, plastic, pvc, patent leather, fabrics, sequins, crystals, applications, cork and other elements are among the preferred when choosing footwear.


In addition this diversity is so typical of women thanks to which manufacturers can give free rein to their imagination creating models under the different types of footwear: boots, Swedes, sandals, heels, platforms, sports, casual, stately, etc.


Reason why precisely the variety makes them can not resist the magic of shoes, because for many shoes represents a weakness in their purchases, is why it is estimated that a woman spends twice as much as a man when buying their shoes, Standing at a significant 70% total purchases over the knights.


Trends and fashion also play a predominant role in this consumption habit, as brands constantly adapt to the new seasons of fashion creating more models with new colors, prints and materials that set the tone for a generally short time.


Both brands and consumers have indicated that shoes have a psychological effect on women, giving them personality, security and sensuality, stating that a lady can feel more beautiful if she wears shoes that she considers beautiful.


Studies also claim that at least 50% of purchases of women’s shoes come from desire rather than need, as these can have 4 pairs of shoes to work, 3 to exercise, 5 to go for a walk and 3 for more special situations, for example.


But yes, even if they have an average of 15 pairs, once they pass through a window and fall in love with a couple more, they will always say they need it because one like that they do not have in their closet.


At least in countries such as Argentina of the 2,200 footwear companies that exist, 1,500 of them are only for the production of women’s footwear; not in vain retail shoe shops dedicate all their creativity to adorn the stained glass windows with striking proposals focused on women, because it is to them that you have to fall in love, since a man when he decides to buy shoes is out of necessity and does not need to be captivated by ostentatious displays.

"For women a pair of shoes goes beyond a simple need"

Jorge Martínez.



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Quite the opposite happens in the case of knights, it is not necessary to impress them or captivate them with designs too extravagant, they generally think of three important elements: comfort, quality and costs.


On average a man buys between 4 and 5 pairs of shoes a year, unlike women gentlemen think of having in their wardrobe 1 pair for casual outings, 1 pair sports and 1 or at most 2 to work, The rest is too much and even if one man can exceed the average, it is difficult to have as much as a woman, because they see it as a need and not as a desire.


Brands and designers clearly know the habits and preferences of a man so make use of simpler materials such as leather, fabric and rubber that will also provide more durability to footwear, with cutting-edge models without paying attention to the eccentric desire of women to differentiate themselves through footwear.


It is known that in many ways the man is much more relaxed in terms of tastes and conflict resolution, for example for them it is not a problem to meet a partner who has a similar footwear or even the same, Because they are able to generate jokes around the subject and is that there are not too many options.


But can you imagine the same thing happening with a woman at a meeting with her friends? For even if they are the most expensive shoes in his collection, the simple fact of knowing that someone known shares his same footwear will make this pair go to the exile of his closet so he has put it only once.

Prices of Footwear Men vs. Women.

It is a constant variable that men complain that their shoes are always more expensive than those of women, and that really in all countries presents the same behavior, except for some specific cases. Do you know why this phenomenon occurs?


Well, based on the consumption habits that we explained earlier brands and designers dedicated to footwear have realized at least two important points, which directly influence when establishing sales costs:



  Men annually buy only half of the total amount of pairs of shoes that women acquire, so it would somehow have to match this investment at least in the amount of money spent.


The materials used for male footwear are generally of greater durability, reason that indisputably raises the costs of production and sales.


It is thus demonstrated that psychologically women around the world since remote times have manifested a greater interest in the consumption of shoes, for them far is only the need of footwear to turn it into a matter of elegance and category, unlike men who know that they need shoes for the day to day in a fairly modest amount because they prefer to invest their profits, which should be noted are many times higher than those of women, in other sectors such as technology and entertainment.

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